Sowing the Winter Wheat

Suffragists, Feminists and Other Sheroes

One Crucial Vote

In order to pass the Nineteenth Amendment and give women the right to vote all the states had to be on board to ratify…. In the middle of 1920, it all came down to Tennessee to cast the deciding vote….

On August 18, 1920, the Tennessee House met to have their say…. The room was filled with roses…. a red rose in the lapel meant that the member was against suffrage and a yellow rose meant they were for it….. In counting the roses, it looked like the women needed one more supporter for their cause…. Twenty four year old, Harry Burn came into the chamber that day sporting a red rose…. AND a letter in his suit pocket from his mother…. the letter read….

Dear Son, Vote for suffrage and don’t keep them in doubt. I notice some of the speeches against. They are very bitter. I have been watching to see how you stood but have not seen anything yet. Don’t forget to be a good boy and help Mrs. Catt put the “rat” in ratification. Your Mother

When it was his turn to vote, he followed his mother’s advice…. Harry Burn voted “yes” and gave women what they had fought seventy two years for…. their right to vote….. Women in the balcony burst into deafening applause….

It is said that they took off his red rose and replaced it with a yellow one….

Above is my drawing and tribute to Harry Burn of Tennessee….

And before you get all hypercritical and read more into the fact that I didn’t include his head, understand that this piece is more about the “suits” in our lives and the decisions they make that govern our liberties…. This particular “suit” gave us our freedom to be legitimately counted….. This year, in this election, we need to exercise that privilege and choose the most capable “suits” to ensure the protection of our rights….. One vote was crucial in 1920 and your vote is just as important now…..

And if your are not registered to cast your one crucial vote, go to this map to show you exactly where you can do just that……. WHERE DO I REGISTER



  Nichole wrote @

Is this drawing for sale? It is just wonderful!

  dlcowgirl wrote @

Thanks Nichole… What I did was to turn this into an etching and those are for sale. They are $125 unframed and the image is 8×8…
I just looked on my website to see if I had that on there so you could see what it looks like and naturally, it is not there.. but if you would like, I could send you a jpeg of it so you could see what you think

  Nichole wrote @

That would be swell! My email is This would be a great gift for a friend of mine who teaches in women’s studies with me, though I’ll have a tough time not keeping it for myself!

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