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With a Wink and a Prayer… Let’s talk about Sarah Palin

Okay, I have a confession to make and it involves this prized possession of mine…. My good friend, Hal Ottaway found this vintage pin for me and I have worn it almost constantly since I got it…. I loved the connection that I felt with the woman who wore this button before me….. I wondered if she lived long enough to cast her first vote…..I wore this pin to spark conversations about voting…. most people thought I was making a statement about Hillary…. It was really just an excuse to preach to women about voting and the history of how we got the vote…..And when I voted in the Primary, I wore the button (discretely) into the voting booth and touched it as I voted for the first time in my life for a woman for President…. I was overwhelmed by the historic significance of the moment…..

Hillary didn’t win, of course but I was equally excited about Barack Obama….. I admired McCain’s service to our country but when he said he would stay in Iraq for a hundred years, if it took that long to win that war, I was appalled…. and started to worry about what our world would become under the rule of another Warrior (in so called “Maverick’s” clothing)…. Once he made his decision to have Palin for his running mate, my worry went into overdrive… I had no idea who she was but the more I learned the worse my worry became…

I was disheartened and insulted that this woman was McCain’s idea of the kind of woman who would best represent the women in this country…. It showed me that he has no understanding of who women are and what we need… Does he think we are so stupid that any person with a vagina would lure the Hillary supporters away from Barack Obama?…..

This woman does not speak for me….

SO, I took off my button because I didn’t want anyone to assume that I was for Palin because “Votes for Women” meant Vote for ANY Woman…… Quite frankly, I didn’t want to talk about her at all… But if you know me, you know that sooner or later I would have to speak my mind…..

So let’s talk about Sarah Palin…..

First of all, I have to say that I wanted to see her fall on her face during the debate…. I felt guilty because as a feminist, I shouldn’t want to watch any woman fall flat on her face, EVER…… Like most everyone else, I am ready for this race to be over and to me, if Palin failed miserably, McCain’s run for the White House would be seen for what it is (a huge mistake), Obama would be President by a landslide and all would be right with the world……

But Palin did better than I expected which wasn’t a huge feat because my expectations of her were so low … Putting aside the fact that she said nothing substantial, I found her over the top “folksy” attitude and speech frightening…. Doesn’t the public remember that Bush got elected and reelected because of his good old boy folksy ways? So why would we want more of the same ? This country can’t afford more of the same….. It certainly isn’t a maverick who would play that card to the hilt……… Wake up all you hockey moms and Joe SixPacks….. ( I can’t believe she said that)…. I am neither of those but I certainly want someone more intelligent and informed than myself to be President or VP…….

And all that winking….. good God… was that supposed to be charming? Maybe she was winking because she was trying to get that clump hair out of her eye….My Mother may be a Republican but I would imagine she was thinking Palin needs to have a good hair cut….. You Betcha..

I have been called a Pollyanna many times but even I can see that our world has been made far more dangerous than it ever has been, physically and financially, thanks to Bush’s cowboy, maverick style.. McCain and Palin can’t distance themselves from Bush because like other’s have said, Palin is just George Bush in a dress….

I have more to say about Palin but it exhausts me to be this negative at too long of a stretch.. But I will catch my breath and say more tomorrow…..

And so I will close with this prayer……

“Please God, don’t let Americans be hood-‘winked’ again….”



  Mel Fain wrote @

deb, well said. I, too, thought Palin did better than I expected her to do….. but please….. I do NOT want to be identified as either a hockey mom or Joe Six Pack.
I’m appalled that folks are buying into her rhetoric and would even consider voting for her just because she is a woman. There are far more qualified women out there and hope to see them get their chance one day!

  Beverly Mangham wrote @

Thanks Debbie, well put. I think people running for political office should be intelligent and informed. This casual manner of speaking is not appropriate for a debate.The “dumbing down” of America has got to stop. Palin is not qualified for the role is playing. This is an embarrasment for our nation.

  kevindini wrote @

I went out of my way not to watch… I had a feeling her here to fore persona was a ruse to get everyone saying she was stu[id and then have her destroy in the debate.

I’m glad I was wrong, but the bar was set pretty low… the BBC even said so this morning.

Our ballots are in the mail as of today, as long as they arrive before early voting ends they should actually be counted before the election gets called.

You’re book marked now… I look forward to hearing mre from you!

  Deb wrote @

As a Canadian watching this unfold it scares me to think that people are so gullible and don’t know reality when they see it in front of them. This is not a game, although it is to some of the candidates. This is about the country’s future and what will become of it. I agree with the blog about Sarah Palin being a soccer mom, folksy beer drinking pistol packing hunting mom. Scareeeee…. I thought America wanted to move forward not backwards and become more intelligent and sophisticated and humane around the world, instead they are seen as bullies, ready to fight for no reason, rude, stupid (because of Bushisms) and downright greedy, and I don’t know where that comes from, but it does come across, so perhaps they need to re-evaluate how they are perceived in the world and start a new course down a new path.

  dlcowgirl wrote @

Deb….. I assure you that not all Americans are as portrayed on TV….. These are very scary times and the media is making it seem even scarier by showing the worst of the worse….. Take heart, your neighbors will not revolt and attack you…. Contrary to popular belief we don’t all carry guns…. And I am from Texas and I have never like Bush, even when after I met him and he shook my hand…. I washed it immediately….

  dlcowgirl wrote @

Hey Kevin,
I must admit that I had a couple of gin and tonics in order to relax enough to watch the debate….
I saw on your blog that you had sent in your ballots from London….. thank you, thank you for not abandoning us….

I check on your blog all the time…… thanks for coming to mine…. thanks for you input….

  Jacci wrote @

This is so scary to me. As i watched the debate, i watched in fear. I do not think anyone knows where we will be in the next ten years. I dont even think anyone really knows where we will be in five. This is honestly the first time I have had any interest in who is running for President. I have been raised to never say anything negative about the President, so I don’t voice my opinion about Bush. I am a Texan as well, and he fits in well here in Texas. I admire Palin’s courage. She is really getting hard hits from the media. I will say one thing. Obama scares me. Im not sure why. I am going to familiarize myself quickly with both McCain and Obama so that when I vote for the first time at 20 years of age I feel comfortable with who I vote for. I also am going to encourage all of my friends to vote, because I know none of them do. As a Texan though, we are as folksy as they come, and that was not appealing. It made me feel she is trying to get “dumb-America’s” vote.

  dlcowgirl wrote @

the best thing you can do is to be as informed as possible about each of the candidates and their running mates…. The first time I voted it was for Richard Nixon… when Watergate happened, I freaked out and didn’t vote again until I voted for Bill Clinton… it took me a long time to realize that I only made a mistake because I wasn’t as informed as I should have been…..
I think it is important to feel comfortable with the person you choose but not because you would like to go drinking with the person but because they are intelligent, well read and know a lot about not just the United States but the countries we deal with…. I am going to vote for Barak Obama because I think he has a good stable mind and view of the world…
I think he is genuinely going to do what is right for our country and make all of this mess that Bush has gotten us into into a less of a mess…. it won’t happen over night of course…I am not sure what is scaring you about Obama unless you are listening to too much Fox news……Look, there is nothing wrong with folksy but it doesn’t belong in the White House….. I hope this makes sense…… But most of all go and vote in the election….. it is very exciting to be a part of the process…… debbie

  Simon wrote @

Good blog! The voice of reason. Clearly some raised eyebrows on the choice of candidates. i am not so familier with internal matters but i wonder about the world view. Given these times of instability, your new president ought to be a little sensitive towards the worlds view of America. It is concerning that the US government has so much power and, at times, it appears, so little idea how to use it responsibly. The middle east is a mess. How do you resolve and withdraw from iraq? Iraq prob offerred the same threat to the us as madagascar! I try to understand the indignation, affront and anger of the american people caused by 9/11. it was sickening, absolutely horrible. The will of the people to pursue Bin Laden and bring him to justice I understand also. But we live in a world which is becoming increasingly intolerent of other peoples views. I must say that i am fairly peaceable and recognise the need to have force available as an alternative but the person the americans elect will be the most powerful person in the world. I hope they can pull the world back from the brink and bring some tolerence so all the world can calm down a bit.

I wish all american voters well in the coming election. Please exercise your democratic right and vote as it affects the whole world! This is the 21st century after all……..

  dlcowgirl wrote @

Simon, I totally agree with you….
I am from Texas but the idea of a “Cowboy” president never appealed to me and neither does the idea of voting in two people who think of themselves as “Mavericks”…… I think our political leaders need to be more intelligent and more informed than the general public they are representing….. I don’t want another “good old boy” or a “Hockey Mom” or “Joe Six Pack”…. Good God, that is too scarey to me…
I hope the rest of the world will love Barak Obama as much as I do because I truly believe that Americans will make the right choice and he will be our next president… He represents all that is good about the United States and I believe that he will try to bring peace to our country as well as try to show the rest of the world that we are not just a pack of war mongers…. He was against the war in Iraq from the beginning and he wants to find the best solution to undo this mess George Bush has gotten us into….
I hate the way the rest of the world looks at us… it is embarrassing to most all of us here in America, to say the least….. Unfortunately, we allowed the wrong person to become president for the last 8 years but I promise you that we are trying to rectify that mistake…..
thank your for the well wishes……

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