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The Tolerating of Sarah Palin…. part one

“Celebrate Your Love”

I have a problem with the word Tolerate…. It can be such a condescending word…

By definition, Webster (a relative of mine, by the way) says…..” b: to put up with <learn to tolerate one another>” and “Latin toleratus, past participle of tolerare to endure, put up with; akin to Old English tholian to bear……”

In her debate, Sarah Palin stated three times that she was tolerant of gay adults and couples, tolerant of her diverse family and dear friends who are gay …. She HAS tolerance….How very PC of her……Well, I am glad that I am not one of Sarah Palin’s friends and I am not even gay …. It would certainly upset me to know that who I am was being merely “endured” by a friend …Who else does she just tolerate?…

The problem with just being tolerant is that usually means that one doesn’t try to understand or accept someone who is different, they just put up with them…. Without that understanding, Sarah Palin will never know that being gay is not a choice…. Just like it is not a choice for her to be straight….Maybe if she realized that it is not a choice then her church could stop praying for gays to change their ways and they could pray for something worthwhile like world peace…

Words are important and they are insightful….. Now, Joe Biden may have said that he agreed with Palin on the issue of gay marriage but I am so glad that he didn’t say that he “tolerated” gay people, too….. I know that is all political posturing but why should they even care?….. And besides, don’t we have bigger issues to worry about like the economy, war and health care?

“Come Out, Come Out”

One of the largest problems in our country is how we have become so divided…. Through either fear or ignorance, we reject what we don’t understand and anyone who is different we tend to make fun of or some how torture …. One of our country’s greatest assets is our diversity….. All the different ideas, religions, ethnic groups, genders, political beliefs….. we should be tapping our resources not restricting them….

“Tell the World”

So, now I have an even bigger problem with tolerance….. With all that I have said, I should do more than just tolerate Sarah Palin, I should try to understand her….. I will try…. that doesn’t mean I will vote for her but I will try to understand what a hockey mom does…..

“Sincerely, I Love You”

The artwork seen here are monoprint collages that I have done….. They are a part of a series that I do to celebrate the normal act called LOVE…



  Aine Scannell wrote @

I like the look and ethos of your blog and that just cracks me up…..I mean good old Sarah Palin ‘tolerating” people who happen to be gay!!!

Some of your pieces are really great ………..good blog too


Edinburgh, Scotland UK

  dlcowgirl wrote @

Thanks for your comment…. I went to your blog and throughly enjoyed it….. I love your work and loved the other work on it as well…. I mainly wanted this blog to be about my work and printmaking but some how, I have gone off on a political tangent …. oh, well….
maybe eventually, I will get back on track….
thanks for making me aware of you…

  Leslie Ravey wrote @

I just want to thank you. Thank you for putting into words how I feel. Not only in this catagory but all that you have listed. It is so nice to know that others were offended by the word “tolerate”. You are a much better person than myself. I am affraid I can’t tolerate either one of them, Palin or McCain. Their choice of words is very telling. When McCain called Obama “that one” in the debate last night I came out of my chair. They will try to play this off as nothing but I think we get a true picture of how they really feel when these words slip out.

I love your section on womens right to vote. I am sorry to say that I did not know the history of the rose. I will pass your blog on to others.
Thank you again for all you do. You know I love you. -les

  dlcowgirl wrote @

Hey Miss Leslie,
Thanks for reading my blog and sending people to it…
I really do not like the way McCain treats people in general and I can’t imagine what people even see in him… Words are very important and telling and so are deeds…. If war and fighting and back stabbing are what people want, he definitely is their man….. a sad commentary about what Republicans have become, if you ask me….
But I tend to think on the bright side and I don’t see McCain or Palin in our future….. I would like to think that our country can’t possibly be that mean…..
And before I break out into What the World Need Now is Love, Sweet Love, I will close…..
Oh, I know, I will leave singing a Beatles song because that always is cheerier….. All You Need is Love…..
and I love you and Jo, too…..

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