Sowing the Winter Wheat

Suffragists, Feminists and Other Sheroes

About Me

Thinking, Always Thinking......

Thinking, Always Thinking

My name is debbie and I am a printmaker….. My etchings, monoprints and drawings portray strong women and their relationships….. relationships with men, other women and the world around them.. Cowgirls, Suffragists, Women Aviators, and other Sheroes have interested me for quite some time…..

I am interested in people and what makes them tick, my family, my friends, art, politics, food, taking photos with my Kodak digital camera, Photoshop, watching my grandsons do what little boys do, looking at old postcards and other ephemera ( junking and antiquing), reading a good book and reading trash novels (Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich, Diane Mott-Davidson, Sharon Fiffer, Patricia Cornwell….. may I say at this point that NOTHING written by women can be considered “trash”….. so I should really retract that adjective!)….. I mainly read novels written by women about women while my husband, Ken mainly reads novels by men with men as the main characters….. hmmmmm…..

I love my job….. I am a graphic artist, a printmaker, an illustrator and a closet writer…… I sell my art at large art shows, galleries and gift shops….. I love the craziness of an art show and the solitude of my studio….

A few of my favorite current artists are the amazing Audrey Niffenegger (artist and author), Julie Speed, Maggie Taylor, Lynn Whipple and Nick Bantock….. My favorite dead artists are Mary Cassatt, Magritte, Maxfield Parrish, Kathe Kollowitz, Joseph Cornell and my most fabulous mentor, Nellie Buel, who left a large hole in my life when she went off to tumble through the Pleiades…..

This suffrage project is special to me….. I am excited to tell these women’s stories and show them off in an artistic way….. They were brilliant, articulate and very brave to stand up and demand that their thoughts and ideas be considered as important as anyone else’s…… They were beautiful, inside and out….

Oh, and I have a website, too…….

And you can email me at……



  mel fain wrote @

Beautiful. Well done. You are an inspiration. Thank you for you, your inspiration, and your gifts!

  Cynthia wrote @

Hey Debbie,
What a good blog – great beginning.

Do you have a space to send you an email directly? I can’t find it.

I sent your blog to a friend and I look forward to reading more.


  dlcowgirl wrote @

Thanks, you two, for your comments….. I added my email address …… I didn’t realize that I hadn’t included it….

Hopefully, this will be as interesting to someone as it is to me…..
I guess time will tell…

  Debby Little wrote @

DID YOUR parents live in Califorina and move to Texas?

  dlcowgirl wrote @

Yes they surely did that

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